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Best home waxing products in North York, Toronto.


Home professional depilation. No mess! No burns! No frustration!


Easy To Use, Effective, High Quality!


This unique and amazing formula of SOLO wax was formulated specifically for home depilation and guarantees professional lasting results.


Removes the hair with the root and work great on short and coarse hairs (from 3 mm). The skin remains smooth for up to 4 weeks.


The unique formula of SOLO sugar wax allows to heat it very quickly in a microwave or in a hot water bath.


Thanks to special elasticity, the wax is perfect for depilation of face, bikini,legs and armpits.

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Spa Waxing Services

Waxing is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair. Every part of your body can be waxed, if you fill uncomfortable with the presence of the hair in that area; and that applies to males and females.


Shaving your legs, bikini or under arms will only last you a few days, if you lucky. Some people have to shave on daily basis. Waxing has more long-term effect and aesthetically looks better and smooth to the touch, because it’s also exfoliate your skin at the same time.


The other good news about waxing that the more you wax, the less hair is growing back and that means longer lasting results.


If you never wax before and thinking about it, you should learn what to expect. When is the best time to start waxing? What type of wax is available, and why is one better than other?


Waxing is recommended for people of all ages, but earlier one starts, the better. At that time, hair is very fine, and will be much less painful to remove unwanted hair.


Some people are more sensitive to the sensation of the light pinch like pain; in that case one can always take Tylenol just an hour before the procedure. Our experience shows that after 2-3 appointments you will be laughing and Tylenol would be thing of the past.


If you never waxed before and your hair have been shaved, wait at least 2 to 3 weeks for the hair to grow back, so we can do a good job. Its important to have certain length of the hair, so wax can pool that hair from the roots, to have lasting results.


But, if you have an unexpected trip, or other important event, come on in, we will do our best to make you happy!


And now lets take a look at the differences in waxes for different parts of your body.


At Skin Care Toronto we use 3 different types of wax. Each one of them is specifically made for different part of the body that needed to be waxed. We never use hot wax on your face, only on your legs. And we use only hard wax on your face and sensitive parts of your body like bikini. Every type of wax has it’s own purpose to make you feel as comfortable as possible.


We have years of experience and use only the best products available on the market. The wax that we use has only pure botanical ingredients and no chemicals. It is also has low melting point temperature to make you very comfortable. ÉPILLYSS depilatory product will guarantee your comfort.

Bikini vs. Brazilian


Regular bikini wax removes only hair that might be visible from your swimsuit. The Brazilian removes the front, sides, back and in between. Some ladies want to remove everything from the front; some will leave a strip of hair. It is very personal decision.


If you never had it done before, we can understand that it could be intimidating. But let us assure you, we will make you as comfortable as we can, so you will have a pleasant experience.


Will it heart more than regular bikini wax?


Again, some people will fill pain more than others, but it’s a very quick and not lasting. Also, you will be more sensitive, if you expecting your period in less than a week. 




Always tell your esthetician if you have any health problems, allergy or other medical conditions like Diabetes. It is very important to start on the right track.


If you decided to do home waxing yourself, do not use any wax if your skin is irritated or if you have an open wounds. Avoid going on the sun right after the hair removal; take very hot showers or sauna, and cosmetics with fragrances for 24 hours. This will help minimize irritation and redness.


Waxing may or may not permanently remove your hair. Do not rely on it as an effective treatment because it does not always work for everyone. 


“Guinot After Hair Removal Gel” will extend the time between your waxing up to 2-4 weeks and change your hair texture.


Exfoliate your body on a regular basis, not only will make your skin silky but also will prevent ingrown hairs. “Guinot Exfoliating Body Scrub” contains granules of natural loofah. 


Happy waxing! 

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