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Skeyndor Eternal Skin Care

Skeyndor Stem Cells Anti-Ageing Treatment

The award-winning Anti-Ageing treatment is formulated to restore volume to the skin at its deepest layers. Restores stimulates, revitalizes and renews the skin for a fuller, more even and defined face.


This Skin Care Range was the first in the world to successfully encapsulate apple stem cells in liposomes allowing them to be absorbed by your skin. Delivering immediate and long-term results for ageing and damaged skin.

This treatment helps to smooth out wrinkles and lines, deeply hydrates and improves skin elasticity, tone and texture to keep your skin youthful and radiant for years to come.

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Skeyndor New Eternal Technology that boosts the life of the skin.

In addition, the new formula incorporates the new active ingredient plant plasma rich in cellular factors, which prevents ageing cells from reproducing. An extraordinary combination that acts at different levels (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis), achieving a life-enhancing effect on the skin.

Skeyndor’s luxurious Eternal Line is the first overall regenerative treatment with plant origin Apple stem cells (Uttwiler Spatlauber).


A break-through in Anti-Ageing treatment, it encapsulates apple stem cell extract in nano liposomes allowing them to be absorbed by the skin giving it an unparalleled smoothness, radiance and a line-free complexion.

The internal fluid of these plant cells contains components that help in protecting and maintaining the function of the human skin cells.

Nano liposomes delivery system helps actives successfully target and improve the appearance of wrinkles; lift and vastly improve skin tone; help the skin to recover its volume, improve skin texture and clarity.

The Skeyndor Eternal Treatment combines a topical infusion of the plant stem cell concentrates, a cooling, “cryogenic lifting solution” and a rebalancing mask. The treatment is supported by the home care products Eternal Serum for night use only, and Eternal Cream for day and night.

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