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Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive Skin Treatments in North York

Sensitive Skin Care at Skin Care Toronto

Skeyndor Aquatherm Facial


Sensitive skin is a result of a breakdown in the skin's protective barrier. Redness, itching, flaking or dryness are very common symptoms. Sensitive skin also prone to aging faster then all other skin types.. Providing both special daily skin care routines and in-salon treatments is a must for sensitive skin type.


Aquatherm Skeyndor is a range of products formulated with thermal water from Salies-de-Bearn, a natural spring located in the French Pyrenees.


Daily use of Skeyndor Aquatherm skin products normalizes sensitive skin and rebalances the epidermal metabolism. It assists the skin in restoring the barrier function to protect skin against damaging environmental effects.


Skeyndor Aquatherm recovery treatment is a de-sensitising and calming treatment program combines three exclusive active ingredients.


  • The spring water from Salies-de-Bearn has complete and balanced composition in salts and mineral ions elements.

  • Pre-Biotic Oligosaccharides, natural substances found in sugar. Excellent to rebalance the skin's pH and protection against micro organisms

  • Ceramides assist in protection against an excessive loss of water and metabolites. Lack of ceramides in skin lead to common sensitive skin problems


Aquatherm Recovery O2 Pack


Skeyndor Aquatherm treatment program consists of 4 sessions once a week, combines with home use treatment products.


  • Anti-Redness Factor - improves the appearance of red lines and persistent redness

  • Lift-Collagen Thermal Factor - improves the firmness of sensitive skin

  • Re-balancing Thermal mask with O2 - rebalances sensitive skin, improves the skin's oxygen absorption and soothes congested skin High tolerance

  • Revitalising Cream - for biological protection against free radicals produced in the skin types with persisted redness

  • Follow up treatment are advisable until the skin completely restored.

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