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Gehwol Skin Care Products

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Foot care in North York!

Foot care for diabetics!

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The basis of all highly effective Gehwol products are natural substances. Gehwol foot care is the result of 135 years of German experience combined with modern research and development.


All Gehwol products contain natural ingredients and are dermatologically tested. Gehwol products not only alleviate problems, but especially revive, refresh and take care of a nice, natural treatment of your feet.

They are easily accepted by the skin, thanks to a combination of natural fats and essential oils, as well as highly effective plant extracts.


With a variety of creams, sprays and bath products, Gehwol offers total large range of products to effectively treat common foot problems, such as: odour, sweating, burning, fatigue and pain, chapped skin, cold feet, and many others.


Time-proven adhesive plasters and protective gear complete this foot care list. 



Foot problems such as excess callus, dry skin, foot and toe deformities, gait changes as well as foot and nail fungus are among the most common consequential complications in diabetes.

However, many diabetics do not even know that they need to do something for the health of their feet. Foot care is especially important for diabetics.


Diabetes often impairs nerve function in the feet (neuropathy). Skin circulation may also be impaired. Reduced circulation and decreasing sweat secretion due to the neuropathy means that the skin easily dries out and cracks over time.


Also, if the feet are under pressure, callus is formed. Bacteria and fungi reproduce in the cracked skin, making it itchy and red. In the worst case, this can lead to an infection.


For this reason, it's important for diabetics to consistently keep an eye on their feet and take good care of them. They should use a product that matches their skin type.

At Skin Care Toronto we are happy to advise you on the most suitable home care products as well as offering safe and professional foot care services.

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