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Virtual Consultation (Redeemable)

Now available from the comfort of your home

Virtual Consultation (VC) Skin Care Toronto 2022.jpg

The cost of your consultation is redeemable towards skin care purchases over $85.00 (before tax)!

Please note: If the entire credit amount is not used within one order, the remaining amount cannot be carried over to use at subsequent orders. Also, this credit cannot be combined with any other offers.

Do you have questions about your skin?


Are you unsure about what you should be using for your daily skincare regime and you wanted to talk to an expert?


Are you missing your monthly facials and you're looking to DIY whilst at home?

Skin Care Toronto Introducing virtual skincare consultation.

How it works?


Once you've purchased your consultation, you'll receive a form via email to share your current skin care routine.


After receiving your form we will be in touch to schedule a 30 min. video call, to discuss in detail any concerns you may have an answer all your questions.


On conclusion of the call, a detailed written recommendation will be emailed to you.


What to expect during virtual consultation?


You will be asked questions about your skin, present skin care products, your daily routine and concerns.


You'll be given recommendations on beauty products best suited for your skin needs and other lifestyle suggestions.


You will be given practical instruction on how to care for your skin, including daily and weekly care.


Your personalized skin care recommendations will be email to you following Virtual Consultation session.

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