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GUINOT Oxygen Facial

Facial for Summer Time

Guinot Oxygen Facial is the perfect treatment for all ages and skin types. It is recommended whenever the need arises, such as times of stress or fatigue, seasonal changes, breakouts or lack of glow. In just 75 min, the Détoxygène Treatment reoxygenates the skin, removes pollution and toxins, improves cellular respiration, and provides cells with energy. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is revitalized, the complexion is brighter, and the skin is more radiant and toned.


This facial has 3 important key steps that makes this facial different from other treatments:



The dual enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells loaded with toxins and pollution particles, smoothing and refining skin texture.

Detoxifying mask


The mask acts as a ‘pollution magnet’, picking up and removing pollution and dirt particles to detoxify the skin.  Green Clay absorbs toxins and impurities.


Reoxygenating massage


Massage reoxygenates the skin through manual techniques, which boost skin microcirculation, and through active ingredients in the massage serum:

  • Actinergie (Corn extract) increases the oxygen uptake of cells, thereby stimulating cell metabolism, and ATP (biotechnology-derived active ingredient) provides cells with the energy they need to function properly.

  • Purisoft (Moringa seed extract) forms a detoxifying barrier that protects the skin from the harmful effects of pollutants. It also helps remove harmful microparticles and prevent them from adhering to the skin.

  • Dermaline (Laminaria algae extract) moisturizes the skin and helps improve tonicity.

The products used are not tested on animals.
To improve skin compatibility, formulas are preserved without parabens and the active ingredients used are from non-GMO plants
The active treatment ingredients incorporated in the formulas are chosen in order to respect the environment; notably by sourcing them from renewable plants.

Guinot is conscious of the environment's fragility and is concerned about protecting it.

Treatment (75 min.) $135 (Reg. $160)


Special expired: 2023-06-30

Special (Skin Care Toronto) Age Summum 06 .jpg
Special (Skin Care Toronto) Age Summum 02 .jpg

The Anti-Aging Longevity Treatment that erases the signs of aging. As an expert in anti-aging, Guinot has revisited its famous Age Summum global treatment.


The Longevity Anti-Aging Treatment, which acts on all levels of the skin to erase all the signs of aging - wrinkles, loss of firmness, dark spots and loss of radiance - in the various areas affected by time - face, neck, décolleté and back of the hands.

Special (Skin Care Toronto) Age Summum 03 .jpg
Special (Skin Care Toronto) Age Summum 04 .jpg
Special (Skin Care Toronto) Age Summum 05 .jpg

$158. (Regular $175.)

* While quantities last

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