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Skeyndor Awards

Did You Know Skeyndor has a Number of Award Winning Products? 

The winners are: Global Lift Elixir, Corrective Range, Power HA Intensive Moisturising Booster and more!

Skeyndor Achievements:


1995 - Laus de Oro Award 

2003 - The Award winner for "Excellence in Exporting" 

2004 - Herald Tribune Award (Sydney) winner for "Platinum Sublime Eye Contour"  

2005 - AsiaSpa Awards winner for "Quality of Asia’s and Medispa’s" and the products they use

2008 - European Cosmetics Award winner of "Best Active Ingredient Line", for the Skeyndor Eternal Line 

2012 - AsiaSpa Awards winner of "Best Anti-Ageing" in Corrective Product Lines 

2012 - AsiaSpa Awards winner of "Spa Product Line of the Year" 

2012 - Innovation Zone Awards and the "Best Active Ingredient Gold Award for Global Lift Line 

2012 - AsiaSpa Awards winner of "Men's Product Line of the Year"

2013 - AsiaSpa Awards for the "Spa Product Line of the Year"

2013 - AsiaSpa Awards winner of "Anti-Ageing Product Line of the Year" (Power C+)

2013 - AsiaSpa Awards winner of "Men's Product Line of the Year"

2014 - The Lider pack Award

2015 - Glamour Magazine Award "Best Luxury Moisturiser" (The Power Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturising Booster) 

Other Skeyndor Achivements:

Spain’s leading women’s magazine, Mujerhoy has awarded Skeyndor’s Global Lift Elixir an award for “Best Professional Product” within the Professional Product Category.


Skeyndor stood out from the competition due to their high technological formulation of the Global Lift Elixir. The title of “Best Professional Product” was awarded to the Global Lift Elixir after a tried and tested experiment using a variety of participants, including expert beauty bloggers and leaders in the cosmetic industries.


Again, Skeyndor’s Global Lift Elixir won the best product title in “The Professional Anti-Aging Beauty Product Award” by Sisters Beauty Pro, China’s leading trade magazine for the beauty industry.

The Global Lift Elixir is Skeyndor’s strongest and most effective anti-ageing treatment. It has more than 50% of anti-ageing ingredients and triple active substances than any other Skeyndor treatment.


With the highest concentration of anti-ageing ingredients, the Global Lift Elixir redefines the key points of the facial contour whilst combating visible signs of ageing and helping to correct the skin tone with its pearlescent effect.


There are key ingredients within this extraordinary elixir which are essential to reaffirming the skins architecture, these include; Vitamin C, Anti Wrinkle Lipopeptide, ProGEN-in and tightening glycofluid substances.

“Best Anti-Ageing Products of the Year” goes to the Corrective Range


Skeyndor has proven to be a hit in Asia as their anti-aeging line; Corrective wins the title of “Best Anti Aging Product of the Year” awarded by AsiaSpa. Aside from the winning title, Skeyndor were finalists in 6 of the total 14 categories! AsiaSpa is a premium spa and resort magazine who created the AsiaSpa awards in 2005 to acknowledge the quality of Asia’s spas and Medispa’s and the work of their professionals and the products they use.

The Corrective is the first international treatment to include 4 muscle-relaxing peptides with a complementary effect in its formula for the definitive correction of expression lines. Inspired by the most prestigious international medical-cosmetic treatments, the Skeyndor


Corrective line is formulated with more than 25 substances tested and studied in approximately 200 combinations. The Corrective line uses fill-in techniques that achieve an intensive smoothing effect in the deepest wrinkles.

The line is comprised of an anti-wrinkle cream (Instant Wrinkle Filler Cream), an anti-wrinkle serum (Expression Lines Serum), a lip contour product (Instant Lip Contour Filler) and an eye contour product (Eye Expression Lines Erase).

And the Glammie goes to… Power HA Intensive Moisturising Serum!


Skeyndor’s most recent prize title was given by Glamour Magazine! The Power Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturising Booster was awarded a Glammie 2015 award in the category of Best Luxury Moisturiser.


The winning product was voted for by over 84,000 readers of Glamour. In total the Glammie award’s voters had over 200 cosmetics to choose from in 20 categories.

The Power Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturising Booster contains 1% hyaluronic acid with high and low molecular weights to target the right amount of moisture needed for each layer of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component within the skin but your level of natural hyaluronic acid can deplete with aging and lifestyle factors, causing your skin to look tired and dehydrated. The Power Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturising Booster improves wrinkles caused by dehydration and provides continuous hydration that lasts for 24 hours.

Reference: June 3, 2015 · by getyouseen · in Beauty News. -

More Awards for Skeyndor!


October 20, 2015


Congratulations once again to Skeyndor!


“We are proud to announce that our COOLING EYE GEL CONTOUR & EYELASHES GEL has been awarded by In Style Magazine in Poland! Another milestone in SKEYNDOR history!! Thanks to our partners in Poland NOVA GROUP for this huge success!!”


— Jordi Morcillo, Skeyndor


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