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Reoxygenating Guinot Détoxygène treatment

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This hands-on facial is designed to detoxify and re-oxygenate the skin to restore a refined radiance and balance.


In five simple steps, the treatment double cleanse your skin, removes dead skin cells to smooth the skin, eliminates impurities to restore radiance, and re-oxygenates the skin.


Guinot Détoxygène treatment combines:

  • An exfoliation

  • Detoxifying Mask

  • Re-oxygenating massage to restore the skin’s protective barrier, creating a radiant glow in just one hour.


The Détoxygène Detoxifying Mask, acts as a pollution magnet to pick up and eliminate pollution particles from the skin. The green clay mask absorbs these toxins and removes impurities.


This treatment is suitable for all skin types and perfect for people with skin sensitivity issues and acne.

$125. (Reg. $145)

Do you want your "baby feel" feet back?

GUINOT Foot Peeling Treatment that creates smooth and soft feet in just 30 minutes.


Wellness Foot Treatment for:


  • Dry Feet

  • Cracked Hills

  • Callused Feet

  • Sore Feet

  • Diabetic foot problem

  • Swelling and sweating

  • Prevents Athlete’s foot

The service is comprised of two phases that remove dead skin, polish away rough patches, smooth the skin and strengthen it for baby-soft feet.


Add on to any Guinot facial for only $45.


Foot Peeling treatment alone, $75.

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Guinot New Wider Protection and Anti-Ageing Sun Care Formula SPF 20 & SPF 30

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GUINOT Sun Logic, is range of skincare products which not only offer premium sun protection, but also compensate for skin's age deficiencies.


Sun filters provide wider protection against UVA and UVB rays and also features Guinot's Cellular Life Complex, consisting of 56 ingredients used to reconstruct the skin. The complex brings an even, lasting, healthy glowing tan by helping to prevent the ageing of the skin and unwanted pigmentation.


Have a sun safe time this summer, worry and chemical free with the GUINOT Sun Logic SPF 30 or, SPF 20.


GUINOT Sun Logic collection is available for your safe enjoyment at Skin Care Toronto online at: https://www.skincaretoronto.com/shop-2

$53. (Reg. $62.50)

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