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GUINOT Life Influx Concentrate

GUINOT Life Influx Concentrate

SKU: 999-GUI-501545

New Life Influx Regenerating Anti-Aging Concentrate.

Life Influx Concentrate, formulated with a higher concentration of active ingredients than a Serum. Helps regenerate and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance. Highly effective, makes skin more beautiful and gloving.


Key Active Ingredients and effects

INFLUDERMINE: cutaneous innervations, which plays a key role in epidermal regeneration and the youthful appearance of skin, is stimulated. The epidermis is redensified and regenerated, while cell cohesion and longevity are improved.

56 CELLULAR INGREDIENTS: cell regeneration and metabolism are activated by restoring elements that are essential to the life and development of cells, revitalizing the skin and boosting radiance.

HYALURONIC ACID: the synthesis of natural hyaluronic acid is stimulated to smooth away wrinkles, redensify and plump up the skin.



Apply morning and evening to the face after cleansing thoroughly, as a treatment course before the moisturizer. Avoid the eye contour.

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