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GUINOT Bioxygene Mask

GUINOT Bioxygene Mask

SKU: 750-GUI-500460

Bioxygene Mask

Masque BiOxygene (Fr.)


Bioxygène Mask helps keep skin healthy by eliminating harmful particles from the environment while protecting and purifying. Pollution – both from microbial pollution from germs and bacteria and from environmental air pollution – can settle on the skin and prevent oxygen absorption.

This can lead to irritation, flakiness, and a dull complexion.


The Bioxygene Mask helps make the skin’s complexion visibly clearer, luminous and even-toned. After continued used the skin will feel soft, supple and is able to breath better.


Skin Type: All Skin Types

Application: Once or Twice a week

Formulation: Mask

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