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In this month of March, we’re talking about the importance of exfoliating the skin to

have a clear and fresh complexion as we welcome spring with renewed beauty. Exfoliating skin is a crucial step in any skincare and beauty routine. It promotes skin renewal by eliminating dead cells from the skin’s surface. Dead skin blocks pores, resulting in a dull skin tone, less supple skin and, ultimately, the appearance of imperfections such as pimples and blackheads.

When we perform a gentle exfoliation, our skin renews itself naturally, which makes it more supple, luminous and beautiful. On the other hand, if we don’t exfoliate our skin, our home skincare routine becomes less effective, because dead cells block the passage of important ingredients in skincare products, thereby impeding desired results. It’s important to choose your scrub carefully! The wrong choice can have the opposite effect; your skin may become irritated and you may notice imperfections that usually appear as a result of a skin infection.


There are several types of skin exfoliants to choose from in your skincare routine:

Mechanical scrubs:

This method manually removes dead skin cells using small natural particles embedded in the scrub. We use the scrub by making gentle circles all over our face.

Chemical scrubs:

These exfoliants work with natural ingredients such as acids. For example, they work with glycolic acid, a natural acid derived from fruit. This acid stimulates the epidermis to renew skin activity. Chemical exfoliants simply need to be applied to the skin in a circular motion, as the acid works naturally.

Enzymatic scrubs:

These scrubs work gently and naturally thanks to fruit enzymes. They reduce dead cells on the skin’s surface. Because of its gentleness, this exfoliant is ideal for sensitive skin, but also suitable for acne-prone, inflamed skin. A gentle exfoliant for sensitive, acne-prone skin: For individuals with sensitive, inflammation-prone skin, our GUINOT range offers the perfect exfoliant: GUINOT GOMMAGE BIOLOGIC. This scrub has the effectiveness of a peel while being very gentle. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth, with a radiant complexion and refined texture. Composed of natural fruit acids, such as lemon, orange, maple and sugar cane, it exfoliates and activates skin regeneration, eliminating dead cells and allowing pores to breathe more easily. Green tea extract stimulates the epidermis, deeply moisturizing, regenerating and, deeply nurturing sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Use GUINOT GOMMAGE BIOLOGIC twice a week, massaging gently in circular motions until you obtain an oily texture. It can safely be used on sensitive areas of the face, such as around the eyes and lips.

Contrary to popular belief, exfoliation is just as important for oily skin as it is for sensitive skin. Once exfoliated, the skin regains its suppleness and radiance. In addition, exfoliation prepares the skin for a mask, followed by a serum and a cream for deeper moisturizing.

By consulting a Guinot expert and creating a personalized skincare routine customized to your skin type and to the demands of the season, you’ll enjoy fresh, luminous, beautiful skin just in time for spring.

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