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Can I use my regular moisturizer on my neck?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Very good question!

Yes you can, but…….

Your neck skin is different from your face and here’s why:

  • There’s no fat on your neck, mostly muscle

  • Neck skin is like the skin on your eyelids - sensitive & thinner ( much more prone to allergic reactions and more stretching)

  • Very few oil glands in the neck, less oil & moisture means skin gets drier faster

  • When collagen decreases - as you age, or prematurely from sun damage, you lose moisture & firmness and horizontal lines starts to form

Don’t wait until you are start to see horizontal lines, sagginess or a less defined jaw line, start moisturizing your neck to prevent the signs of aging.

What to look for in your neck cream?

Your neck cream should supply a bundle of moisture to keep skin soft and has to have active ingredients to stimulate and protect collagen & elastin, which is essential in firmness of the neck skin.

Algisium, which restructures and recreates a quality connective tissue to improve your skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Polylift to give immediately visible anti wrinkle effect.

The newest technology have proprietary ingredient that provides a mesh type lift, which is fantastic innovation in preventing of sagging skin.

In addition to using effective products specifically for your neck, incorporate the following steps in your daily routine:

  • Apply neck cream morning & night using upward strokes

  • Use sun protection all year on your neck and decollete

  • Gently exfoliate neck skin one-two times a week

  • Consider professional treatments to accelerate the effectiveness of your home care products to provide better results

  • Consistently use proper skincare, that’s the name of the game

  • Invest in a good neck cream, you will be thankful later

If you have more questions, I am always happy to help.


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