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Eyebrow HD Tinting

High Definition (HD) Eyebrows Tint Service in North York, Toronto. 

Eyebrows look (SkinCareToronto).jpg

The eyebrows have become a defining feature of a person's face. They frame the eyes and can enhance one's overall appearance.


Bold and defined eyebrows are all the rage, but not everyone is blessed with naturally thick and shaped brows.


Fortunately, achieving that desired look is now made easy with simple solution the Semi-permanent brow tinting.


Great for every one, highly recommended for people with pale complexions with lasting and WOW results!

Eyebrows tint pros:


  • Waterproof, great for going south

  • Smudge proof

  • Make your eyebrows appear thicker

  • Lasting results 4-6 weeks

  • Good for people with fine eyebrows

  • FDA approved

Before                                 After

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